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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Nishant Dange

Nishant Dange

Artist Nishant Dange was a gold medalist in his art college in Nagpur. The man loves to work in one of the most challenging mediums — charcoal. Nishant says, “Charcoal is my favourite medium. It is very simple and also powerful and strong.

It is also an extremely challenging medium because it is just one black stick that one is working with and there are no other colours. It has its own limitations, but to be able to create something beautiful out of that is extremely satisfying.”

Nishant also asserts that there are very few charcoal artists as it requires lots of practice to grasp this medium.

“I did show few of my works after coming to Mumbai from Nagpur but I wasn’t satisfied with the works I was creating. And hence I didn’t show my works to any galleries. And now after three years of practice I think that I can do a good job with charcoal and hence I am having a solo show.”

Nishant’s paintings in black and white only portray the female form because it is the mystery in the form that intrigues and interests Nishant.

“My paintings are based on the female form, I fuse it with the forms of butterfly and birds as I think that these are inter-related,” explains Nishant. He goes on, “I think the woman’s form is also rather mysterious, I want to experiment and find and learn more of its nuances. I guess I find the female form aesthetic and beautiful.”

In his upcoming show Nishant will display 32 works in all sizes at the price range of Rs30,000going up to Rs 2 lakh. Ask him who inspires him and he says, “My wife Bhumika who is also an artist and her father, Rameshwar Singh, who is a very senior artist from Jaipur and who has had 62 solo shows. So I can say that I get inspiration from home.”

The first year that Nishant came to Mumbai, he had to struggle quite a bit as back then he didn’t know anybody in the art world.

Though he says, “But if your work is good it will definitely get recognition. I have always believed that the artist’s works should do more talking than his words,” ends Nishant. 


Nishant Dange

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