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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Paul Lung

pencil graphite realism drawing

Love drawing so much, no matter to draw or watch other people draw, just about drawing, love that!! really love drawing.

To dear all art friends, well noted some of you are found my drawing from internet, but I need to clarify that, I also found some of the picture / photo (lion, tiger...etc) is not my drawing, don't know why, how come people put that as my work, if you feel disappoint that's not my drawing, please forgive me. But here, those were my real drawing, real work, hope you like them.

I don't work for commercial and commission work, I only draw for interest. and the drawing are not for sale

我真係好鐘意畫,無論係自己畫,定係人地嘅画,我都咁鐘意!大家都試下畫画啦!不過有一點我要提一提,係網上如果打paullung, 會搵到好多我嘅畫之餘,如果係貓狗以外嘅,老虎、𤠣子、牛呀,都唔係我畫架,個啲真係相嚟,唔知點解亦唔知幾時,比人入埋我數,如果你被誤導咗以為我啲畫真係咁似相,真係唔好意思!

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