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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Reinhard Gade

Reinhard Gade (1937-2012)

Born 1937 in Luebeck, Germany, as a painter I need to fix every day a cartoon about the crazy world around. Taking in that way a deep and healthy breath. But as a painter, my principle is: I never draw or paint what I know - but what I see with my "Eyes wide shut", as the great Stanley Kubrik named his wonderful but very last work.

As the New York critic Dominique Nahas wrote about my work as a painter in his essay titeled "Complex Beauty" at the beginning: When Reinhard Gade paints subjects, objects or situations that recall portraits,fruits or landscapes,his deep connection with a vision of autonomous beauty tinged by malevolence seems evident. His unusual painter's touch and glow that emanates from his work induce not only specific images but also an entire atmospheric world."


        Studies of Painting and Graphic Design at the Art Academy of Berlin and at the Folkwangschule of Essen, Germany.
        Last Exhibitions:
        2008 Walter Wickiser Gallery, New York
        Liliana's Art Gallery, Edmonton, CND
        International Art Fair of Toronto
        Artist Fair Miami Beach
        2009 Exor Galleries, Boca Raton, FL,US

..."En 1975 fue responsable del diseño de El País. Más tarde, en 1982-84, realizó grandes reformas en ABC e inventó el diseño de la revista Política Exterior.Gäde había nacido en Lübeck, 1937. Se graduó en Artes Gráficas en Essen y trabajó luego a las órdenes de un profesor de Bauhaus, en Berlín."


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