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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Shirley Thomson-Smith

Shirley Thomson-Smith

Born in 1929 in St Louis, Missouri, Shirley Thomson-Smith has created art deeply profoundly influenced by the experience of living in Durango, Colorado and traveling through New Mexico.  There she observed the powerful tradition of Native Americans and was particularly drawn to the strength, character, and symbolic role of American Women.

    Shirley Thomson-Smith's sculptures are boldly modern works, highly influenced by her understanding of early 20th century American and European art.  These powerful style icons of individual women of sympathetic groups radiate great sensitivity, love and a magic authority because of their presence and simplicity.  They are matriarchs, Earth Mothers, but above all else they represent sensitivity, the women's historical role as the cornerstone of society and the passivity, intuition and stoicism on which civilization depends on.

    Her portrayals of American Indians and peasant woman have brought her numerous awards and honors while the basic simplicity of design has captured the emotions of fine art collectors.  In 1985, She was accepted as a member of the prestigious National Academy of Western Art (NAWA).  Her works are on display in galleries across the United States.

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