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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Wang Maofei

Wang Maofei, member of China Association of Guangdong, occupation painter.

Wang Maofei, born in 1969 in Yunnan Qiubei, Zhuang, in 1991 graduated from the Department of Chinese painting of Yunnan Arts University Bachelor of Arts, master plexus ronson,Wang JinyuanVillage East, the professor. Taught at the Yunnan Art Department of Wenshan Teachers College, in 2000 in Shenzhen.
Achievements and Awards
In the first national bird and flower painting exhibition "works", "the famous painter Works Exhibition" (Excellence Award), "Chinese Painting Exhibition", "three hundred Beijing International Book Exhibition of contemporary sector", "the Eighth National Art Exhibition", Yunnan Art Museum, Shenzhen, the Baoan Museum of art exhibition, Shenzhen Art Gallery a exhibition. The fifth session of the Shenzhen "Spring Autumn" gold award. 2004 September to participate in the China Artists Association eleventh annual art fair, won the gold medal works.
Artistic characteristics
His writing is concise and lively, simple and pure and elegant, or fresh, or free and easy and meaningful. He stressed that the ink charm, with the help of flowers and birds painting~

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