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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Yin Zhixin

Yin Zhixin

"Yin Zhixin sculptures are voluminous, rounded and whimsical. Even the heads of the figures and hair (if any) of Yin Zhixin sculptures do not have any roughness whatsoever. The smoothness of the skin and human parts contrasts with the rugged, rippled texture of the female ballerinas’ dresses, emphasizing the delicateness of the human body. But Yin Zhixin works, despite the fact that the figures do not conform with modern “standards” of beauty, are appealing, and many people feel a sense of joy when they view the sculptures.
The influences on Yin Zhixin are clear: classical French artist Degas painted and sculpted ballerinas; Colombian artist Botero painted and sculpted oversized figures; and yet Yin Zhixin figures are still Chinese. Perhaps it is the slits for the eyes, which Yin Zhixin uses, or the small Chinese noses. It seems that Yin Zhixin is poking fun at such classical and famous Western artists in his works, by pointing out that even oversized girls can be beautiful ballerinas."   

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