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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Andrey Ostashov

Andrey Ostashov - Андрея  Осташова

Andrei Ostashov was born in 1970 in Lida (Belarus)

In 1997 he has graduated from Belarusian State Academy of Arts, Department of Sculpture (Minsk, Belarus). 

He’s been taking professor G. Muromtsev classes. The diploma work was guided by A. Finsky.

He is a professional sculptor working with stone and bronze. Also deals with drawings (lithography) and graphic works.  He is an author of numerous art posters and booklets.

Since 1995 participated in more than 60 solo shows, group exhibitions, plain airs and auctions.

1998-2003 – Tutor of sculpture and composition at State Art College named after A. Glebov (Minsk, Belarus)

Since 1999 member of the Belarusian Union of Artists.

2004-2005 – Tutor of drawing at Belarusian State University’s Social Technologies State Institute, Department of Architecture Design, Minsk, Belarus)

Since 2005 member of Bureau Section of Sculpture, Belarusian Union of Artists

2005 – 2007 - was working together with a magazine “Business Review”, the author of the covers and illustrations to the business edition texts. 

In 2009 the author's personal gallery was opened. 

Closely works with the galleries in Belarus, Russia, Spain, France and Netherlands.

The author’s works can be found in National Art Museum (Minsk, Belarus), Malaga Art Museum (Spain), numerous galleries and private collections in Belarus, Russia, USA, Germany, Spain, France, Netherlands and Poland.

Live and work in Minsk, Belarus

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Mary Lindsay said...

I have never seen any artistic creations more beautiful than these, I feel luck, moved and privileged to have found them. Such beauty and genius.

I initially found them via someone's 'Steampunk' board on Pintererst.
What a joy to behold, I wish I could view them in person but I live in Scotland UK


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