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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Attila Adorján

Attila Adorján

The art of Attila Adorján is on the boarderline of reality and imagination. His foremost motivations are archaizing based on respect for painting traditions, and creative experimenting with metals, forms and artistic devices, for the revival of classic genres. The works being born evoke certain styles as a reference, buti n thuth they cannot be connected to any of them. attila Adorján, going beyond early close attachements, creates a new unique pictorial world: a reality that belongs solely to him." (Citation from Judit Szeifert's text. In: Attila Adorján , Budapest, 2009)


1986-1991: Painting school of Óbuda, master: László Gyémánt
1992-1996: Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, master: Sándor László Veress
1996-1998: Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, master: Dóra Maurer
2005 STRABAG Award

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