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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides



Born in Valleyfield, Quebec in 1960, Diane Brouillette plays with traditional still-life compositions,
masterfully infusing inanimate objects with a new life. “Mother nature is the metronome of my
creativity,” she writes. “Over and over I pick up her fruits, her flowers, her colours and lost perfumes.”
Drawing inspiration from the shapes of fruits and colours and textures of antiques, Brouillette
juxtaposes these elements in such a way that they engage in dialogue and mimic human form.
In her most recent production, the human body has taken centre stage, often left hovering between
light and shadows, the known and the unknown. Her acute sense of colour and bold use of texture
accentuates the dramatic ambiance found in her work. Collage is an integral part of her work. Her
mix-media approach on paper and canvas, make emotions appear palpable. Brouillette’s art leaves no
one indifferent. It will captivate the eye of the spectator, who will enjoy discovering the subtleties of
the matter.

1989 Academia Bella Arte, Florence, Italy
1985 Apprenticeship in etching, Grenoble, France
1985 Bachelor in Visual Arts, Université du Québec à Montréal, Québec
1981 Diploma of Collegial Studies in Fine Arts, Valleyfield, Québec

 We all knew Diane Brouillette, the artist of still-lives, of lace tablecloth and fruits. Those subjects are no longer. This is a reinvented Diane Brouilette that we are presenting. Brouillette has freed herself from the shackles that constrained her and can now truly let her creative instinct express itself. When asked « What are your sources of inspirations, where are these images coming from? » She simply responds: « I am a sponge. What I hear evokes images in my mind and I have no other alternative than to paint these images as I feel them.» Diane Brouillette also signs by the name Georges C. a new series of surrealist works showcasing a bestiary of horsewomen and dogs!

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