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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

H Momo Zhou

H Momo Zhou

Born in Guangzhou, China, H. Momo Zhou has followed in her family footsteps of creating fine artistic works. Her parents, highly respected professors of fine arts at the prestigious Guangzhou University of Art, China, nurtured Momo’s unique gift of spatial awareness of color, juxtaposition of line & form, and a broad brush stroke of creativity. Her images embody the quintessential  nuances of romanticism, realism and impressionism.

2010    Special Group Portrait      Academy of Art San Francisco, CA
2010    Salon International           Green House Gallery San Francisco, CA
2012    Bold Brush Competition     San Francisco, CA
2012    Lady Film Maker               San Francisco, CA
2012   Writer’s Guild of America  San Francisco, CA

Guangzhou University, China
Academy of Art San Francisco, CA
Portrait Society of America

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