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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Lee Il-Ho

Born in Korea 1946. He graduated Department of Sculpture, College of Fine Art and Design, Hongik University 1972 and graduated Department of Sculpture, College School of Fine Art and Design , Hongik University 1980

Selected Exhibition

He had several international exhibitions including '99 MIAMI INTERNATIONAL ART EXPOSITION at USA MIAMI, '98 NEWYORK ART INTERNATIONAL at newyork and was selected as a representative Artist of Korea in '98 Pusan International Art Festival.

The old tale and mythology are not of the present but of the past based on the hypothetical. Therefore, they need net be fettered be the reality though they assum the specific image. This is why il-ho Lee is not shackled by the reality even if he adopted rea; things to his works. As he is not bound by the time and space of the reali-ty , he can freely imagine without any limitation. Such enriched imagination always produces the motive of cre-ation. However, understanding the works of il-ho Lee in simple terms of old tale or mythology easily constrains the scope of imagination, for they flow the time and space without any restraints and the free flow of the inner world of a human being puts outs out full blossoms of imagination. Seen from a different point of view, il-ho Lee's works may be referred to as the hidden story drawn out from the depth of psychology. Accordingly, his sculp-tures have clinical and psychological features in certain aspects. His creations pul out the inner-most world of a human being such as hidden sexual impulse, narcissism, recurrence to the intrinsic nature and transform them into specific motives. The pose of man and woman's of sexual iove reflect the strong desire of human being to go back to the prigin when the man and woman were created as their own existence. The frequent appear-ance of the dual structure where one finds another self also materialises the tale of human creation. The relief of a woman put in the empty inside of a man is also based on the creation story of Adam and Eve, a drama of reconciliation of confronting images that frequently appear in the works of il-ho Lee. This drama of reconciliation shows the human being to change to an animal, a plant or a living creature grow-ing in a man's body. In some cases, the living and inorganic substances present the scene of reconciliation in the chain of reincarnation, sharing each other's life. Consequently, the ultimate world hi is pursuing is the world of pantheism where all the things harmonise.

Kwang-Soo Oh_Art critic


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1946   Born in Boryeong, Chungcheongnam-do

  1972                Graduated Department of Sculpture,                          College of Fine Art and Design,                          Hongik University
  1980                Graduated Department of Sculpture,                          College School of Fine Art and                          Design, Hongik University

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Rod MacGregor said...

Fantastic scultpure..taking the human form and twisting it to an almost acceptable level!


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