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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Paul H Davis

Paul H Davis

About the Artist

Paul Davis draws in the Florentine tradition of structural draughts which is a tradition is founded on the close study of the human figure. on a simple and precise projection of information onto a two dimensional surface. Davis conveys his elegant and intelligent compositions with a hand that is both steady and graceful. Draftsmen of Davis' quality are extremely rare and are fewer and fewer in numbers.

His paintings are beautifully observed and assembled with a touch that is somehow both expansive and finite, each stroke exhibiting understanding of light conditions and a brilliant control of tonal values. This comprehension and recreation of light is the painter's supreme gift. It is not a skill that one attributes to a draftsman, which tend to lead in other directions.

In his studio pieces, the draftsman and the painter are in harmony. These are uncommon, perplexing pictures, not easily classified. They reflect an interest in photography and a considerable knowledge of pictorial construction. They have a powerful feeling for architectural spaces and the movement of the figures within them, and a mysterious and memorable atmosphere.

Paul Davis is a remarkably unique painter. He is a highly dedicated artist with keen eye and a deep critical understanding. His work is sophisticated, educated and singularly his.

I have always been a figure painter. Many of my figures are painted directly from life; and I work with models that have a gift for movement. I am fascinated by the contrast of flesh against drapery revealed by light. In the early 1990’s I decided I would work exclusively from my imagination - no models, no photos. I am interested in fable, characters, the past, and a kind of complex play. These paintings are improvisations. It is always a pleasure to watch these characters emerge from nothing but the suggestion of a few marks on the canvas. They have their own personalities, stories and even interact with each other. They take over the drift of the paintings much as characters in a novel do. I often feel as if I’m just watching it all happen. I continue to pursue both kinds of painting. When I have had enough of one I return to the other refreshed and with renewed enthusiasm. Paul Davis

1946. Providence. R I.

BFA Boston University 1973
MFA Boston University 1975

Teaching Experience
Boston University 1975-76
Art Institute of Boston 1973-76
Regis College, Weston Mass. 1975-76
University of Utah, Professor 1976-2001
Chairman, Art Department, University of Utah 1982-88
Currently, Professor Emeritus, University of Utah

Selected Awards
Utah Visual Arts Fellowship
NEA WESTAF Visual Arts Fellowship

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