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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Belin - Miguel Ángel Belinchón

Belin - Miguel Ángel Belinchón

Linares is a small town in Andalusia which saw the grown this artist without realise that someday he trace like plague its streets. his begginings were tough and he was pursued as any other urban artist with real ambitions, but after fights based on colour, Belin got off, he received recognition from department of Heritage and and Young Art award from Jaen province.
Actually Belin has already kept a wide curriculum, his pieces have been exposed all around Spain and countries like Germany, Italy, United Kingdon, Netherlands, Brasil, Israel, Mexico, USA. even he painted for brands like Dockers or Carhartt and tatoo artists like Kat von D from L.A. INK.

Linares, una pequeña ciudad de Andalucía vio crecer a este Artista sin caer en la cuenta de que algún día dejaría huella cual plaga desde sus calles. Sus comienzos fueron duros y perseguidos como cualquier otro artista urbano con ambiciones, y lucha tras lucha a base de color, Belin obtuvo su fruto, recibió un reconocimiento de patrimonio de su ciudad y un premio de Arte Joven de la provincia de JAEN.

En la actualidad Belin ya tiene un amplio curriculum, su piezas se han exhibido por toda España y en paises como Alemania, Italia, Reino Unido, Holanda,Brasil,Israel, Mexico, Estados Unidos e incluso ha pintado para firmas como Dockers o Carhartt y para profesionales del tattoo como Kat von D de LA. INK.

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