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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Bohyun Yoon

Bohyun Yoon

Award and Scholarship

2013 Excellence Prize (juried competition from 570 artists), Song Eun Art Space, Seoul Korea
2012 Wind challenge Juried Exhibition, The Fleisher Art Memorial, Philadelphia, PA USA
          Fountainhead Fellowship, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA USA
2010 Fellow Program for The Center for Emerging Visual Artists, Philadelphia, PA USA
  2008 The S&R Washington Award, Maryland USA
2004 Fellow Program for International Research Center for Art, Kyoto University of Art and Design, Kyoto   Japan
2004 Hayward Prize for Fine Arts 2004, American Austrian Foundation, New York USA
2003 Honor Student, Rhode Island School of Design, Rhode Island USA
2002-03 Award of Excellence 1 & 2 (juried graduate competition), Rhode Island School of Design, Rhode Island USA
1998-01 Japanese Government Full Scholarship, Monbushou, Tokyo Japan

Teaching Experience

2013 Haystack, Summer Sessions 5, Visualize Invisibility: Innovations with Glass, Deer Isle, ME, USA
2012-13 Instructor, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond VA USA
2009-12 Instructor, Advance seminar, Cold Construction, Intro/Intermediate Glass, Temple University, Philadelphia PA USA
2009 Guest Critic, Senior Mid-term Critique in Glass Dept, Rhode Island School of Design, Rhode Island USA
2008 Instructor, Transparent Sound: Innovations with Glass, Rhode Island School of Design, Rhode Island USA
2007 Instructor, Interdisciplinary Cast & Mold, Rhode Island School of Design, Rhode Island USA
2004 Teaching Assistant for Rachel Berwick, Rhode Island School of Design, Rhode Island USA
2003 Instructor, Beginning Glass working, Rhode Island School of Design, Rhode Island USA
2002 Teaching Assistant for Michael Scheiner, Rhode Island School of Design, Rhode Island USA
Teaching Assistant for Jocelyne Prince, Rhode Island School of Design, Rhode Island USA
2001 Teaching Assistant for Makoto Ito, Tama Art University, Tokyo Japan
1998 Teaching Assistant for Bruce Chao & Michael Scheiner, Niijima International Glass Art Festival, Niijima Japan

2008 Rhode Island School of Design, Master of Fine Art in Glass, Rhode Island USA
2004 International Summer Academy of Fine Art, Diploma, Public Interventions by Alfredo Jaar, Salzburg, Austria
2001 Tama Art University, Master of Fine Art in Glass, Tokyo Japan
1999 Tama Art University, Bachelor of Fine Arts in Glass, Tokyo Japan

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Artist Statement

My work poses the question: how does reality becomes exquisitely animated by certain social control systems such as politics, mass media, technology, science, and etc. It is my artistic goal to reveal how human beings are fragile and delicate in these social environments. By living in Korea, Japan and the U.S, I have first-hand experience in diverse social systems and have come to view my life experiences as raw material for my research. With my research in mind, my art utilizes the body as the tool for an intensive investigation of the public and private; examining the relationship between how people understand their body and how this understanding represents themselves in the greater context.
Currently, I am curious about human perception developing parallel with the ever-evolving progression of technological world. Thus, I question technology's relationship to reality and illusion; asking what is reality? My work takes advantage of illusion to explore and answer this question, and often my artistic materials consist of the body and mirrors. I use mirrors for integrating reality and illusion. I cut, I extend, I distort, I reconstruct, and I fragment the body to create a chaotic image of a human.


Yoon is an assistant professor at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond. Yoon participated in the fellowship programs at the Kyoto University of Art and Design in Japan and the Center for Emerging Visual Artists in Philadelphia. He has exhibited his works in Renwick Gallery, Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, Brattleboro Museum, Hunter College, and Chungju International Craft Biennale in Korea. His work is in the collection at Smithsonian American Art Museum, and West Collection.

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