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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Camila Rocha

Camila Rocha

"On these portraits (paintings and drawings), I strive to invite the viewer to watch a monolog as a spectator to this one singular feeling that I experienced as a person.
Memories of the life around me, people who shape me, who intrigue me.
As a young painter my challenge is to create a mood using the medium. As a researcher and an eternal student I have attempted to use different materials and surfaces to work on, to push myself in different approaches to convey this impression. More often I choose to express myself in a visual language, as if in a spiritual dream , melancholic and sublime, thus Romanticist, working with normal life models and evoking a hint of drama, as If I was writing a poem in a canvas or paper, trying to capture the momentum in which I feel more connected to a specific feeling that I wanted to be expressed."


2007-2009 Mixed media focus on Acrylic painting and Drawing Apprenticeship at Shunkun, with Sensei Kaoru Ito in Sao Paulo/Brazil.
2009-2012 LAAFA (Los Angeles Academy of figurative art), incomplete Bachelors' program.
2009 3 months Apprenticeship of Old Masters painting technique at Adrian Gotlieb studio, Los Angeles/CA.
2010-2012 9 months Apprenticeship with focus on Painting and Drawing at Richard Morris studio in Van Nuys/CA.

2010 $5000 Schoolasship winner at LAAFA (Los Angeles Academy of figurative art)

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