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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Gulnara E Gromova - Gulnara Enverovna Gromova

Gulnara E. Gromova - Gulnara Enverovna Gromova

Was born 1968 in Fergana Uzbekistan

Graduated from the Republican Art College named after Benkov in 1988

Studied 1990 - 1994 in TIA named Uygura in the Easel Painting Department.

1995 Graduated from the Pedagogical Institute - faculty of Russian Philology

From 1995 is a member of the International Federation of Artists

1990 Group exhibition in the Fergana museum of Art

1991 Personal Exhibition in the Theatre Gorkiy in Tashkent

1992 Personal Exhibition in the Theatre Ilkhom in Tashkent

1992 Exhibition of 4 artists in JV "Invariant"

1994 Participation in a Group exhibition in St. Petersburg in the Exhibition Center of

the Union of Artists of Russia

1995 Joint exhibition in the Art Gallery "Maste" with Professor N.S.Pak

1995 Participation in the exhibition "Girl on the Ball" in JV Invariant.

Gulnara was a participant of Exhibitions in Russia, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Germany,

France, and North America.

Her works are in private collections in Uzbekistan, Russia, Turkey, Bulgaria,

France, and North America.

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