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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Guo Fei

Guo Fei

Guo Fei -  郭飞

“Humans’ relationship to our environment has changed, and this change has affected our way of thinking.”

Born Taiyuan, Shanxi, 1981

Chinese people keep things they collect in square boxes, Guo Fei says, so when he was looking for “a completely different style”, he decided to put his works in boxes too. “It’s like making a collection of memories,” he explains—only his wooden boxes are shut, their front surfaces painted to mimic an open interior. He adds sound because it “makes the memory more real and convincing”. Boxes (2009) is his “animal collection”; Be Quiet, Autumn, and The Silence You Can Hear (2010) all capture memories of the artist’s childhood. “I grew up in a small village,” Guo Fei says. “I played with insects and birds every day. All I could see was nature. Now, when I go back to my home village, it’s a big town. All I can see are buildings. Everything is artificial. I used to think we humans were part of nature, but now it’s the opposite—nature has become part of the human realm. Nothing is simple or natural about this society.”


Country: China
Medium: Installation

1981 Born in Taiyuan, Shanxi province

2006 Graduated from Oil Painting Department, Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts, Tianjin, China

Selected Exhibitions

2012 WONDERLAND solo exhibition of Guo Fei / a Gallery, Hong Kong

2011 Participated in Art Beijing 2011 / Beijing

2010 Artwork “Audible Loneliness”, Manufactured “Landscape” Theme Exhibition – The First 798 Multimedia Art Festival, Beijing

2009 Artwork “The Box”, “Tribe! Tribe!” – 2009 Fifth China Songzhuang Art Festival, Beijing

2009 Artwork “Acrobat”, 2009 Shanghai Youth Biennial, Shanghai

2007 Artwork “Concentration” acquired Outstanding Award (Sole Distinction Award) of “Spirit of the Times” Exhibition of National Portrait Oil Painting, Liao River Art Gallery, Liaoning

2009 Artwork “The Box” selected as White Rabbit Collection, Australia


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