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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Jovan Benito

Jovan Benito

Hers is a colorful and lively world of women in rural areas but interpreted in an unmistakable contemporary style. Jovan Benito draws much of her paintings’ characters at scenes from her impressionable childhood. Particular favorites are the lively market vistas from her hometown Pakil in Laguna. Freshly painted on her canvases is rural life simplified. Her women folk are the unhurried lasses of the province gaily pursuing their chores while multiple stories about them unfold. Always in abundance in her joyful works of art are fresh produce from nearby farms, lakes and rivers peddled to the curious onlooker by Benito’s colorful, attractive and quirky vendors.

As a young artist, Jovan Benito has carefully grown and matured from being an apprentice to her husband, Filipino surrealist, Jerry Morada. She has, however, quickly discovered her own style, technique and palette of colors. Benito’s talent for observing the world surrounding her started as a child watching her artist father work on paintings of movie billboards. But, whatever she picked up from her father, her husband and other Laguna artists, ended there.

In her current crop of paintings Benito has chosen to remain true to her own desires, listening instead to her own creative intuition. She lets this almost childlike naiveté be the voice guiding her robust compositions. She approaches her paintings much like how a person conversing with an intimate friend does – laying down the colors that delight both painter and viewer.

Benito’s works are reflective of the her keen observant artist’s eye. Bursting as they are with humor and irony, one should resist from blinking. Otherwise, one misses the finer points, nuances and commentaries on Philippine rural life that Benito’s works have become.

Benito has participated in numerous group shows in Singapore and the Philippines and has had two important solo exhibits to her credit. Her work was included in an auction of Masterpiece auction house where her paintings of a Market Scene sold for several times over the estimated maximum value.

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