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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Leon Fourie

Leon Fourie

"Oil painting is a visual language, a language that can be taught with or without the presence of talent. Through the copying and exploring of the old masters work one embarks on a journey of discovery, learning technical skills that will not only instill a sense of appreciation and understanding for this age old discipline but also contribute to the students own vocabulary, so that in time some pupils will learn to speak this beautiful language fluently, while others will learn to sing.

Besides gaining a spectacular understanding of colour that will change the student’s perception of the seemingly endless and rather daunting array of available colours, pupils will also gain a deep insightful knowledge into all the materials and methods used by the masters of classical painting. The visual language used by the classical-Realists will become a part of your skills as you learn to create and reproduce masterpieces.

The oil painting classes are held in a social, relaxing and creatively conducive environment whereby students will be able to converse and interact with like minded individuals. Each pupil is assigned their own personal work station where they setup for each session while studying under Leon’s guidance. Classes are based in the European Academic approach and are open to all ages with any level of experience; the first class is free for you to experience the atmosphere and inspiration for yourself."

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