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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Li Yueling

Li Yueling

Li Yueling -  李月領

Li Yueling, a professional artist, was born in Hebei Province in 1971. He lives in Beijing presently. As an established artist in Chinese contemporary art field, he took part in many exhibitions and activities in Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Manchester. Moreover, his artworks have won huge success in several auctions. And meanwhile a lot of his paintings are collected by art institutions and private art collectors. He observes the world with his insight and the most sensitive heart. All his artworks are vibrant with his sincere and caring feelings. He doesn’t follow other artists’ technique in which the so-called “logic of contemporary art” and “symbols of contemporary paintings” are deliberately highlighted. On the contrary, he has been insisting on his own style of painting which is characterized by being pure and thoughtprovoking. Of all the paint objects available, Li Yueling has chosen children especially as his major theme since children are the beginning of life, and also our past, present and future. All the basic ideology and sense of value people hold later on derive from childhood, and it is during childhood that people are completely free to dream the rich, pure and colorful dreams. He, really a child deep in the heart, simply loves the pure and sincere world of children, and he’d like to have all the grown-ups to share with him the most precious part of humanbeings there. In this sense, he parallels to the renowned American novelist Jerome David Salinger who showed the same admiration for the children and concern for the mankind in his masterpiece The Catcher in the Rye

In terms of technique and composition, his artworks stand out with the unique strong brushworks and yet the well-taken care of details and have acquired maturity over the years. The complicated social influence and impact on the children, their puzzle and confuse, along with desire for a bright future are shown incisively and vividly by means of the structure full of tension, big brushwork and fine composition all together. Only the children have limpid eyes, which are not contaminated by the secular dust and are still pure and bright. They are gazing at the viewers with sincerity, which easily stirs up intermittent ripples in people’s innermost heart.

Li Yueling

2011 “Beside You-The Boy Picking up Fish on The Beach” Art Auction, Beijing
2010 Shanghai Art Fair
2009 China Contemporary Art Exhibition “60 70 80” in Tours, France
2009 China Soong Ching Ling Foundation-Social Project of Safety for Mothers and Infants, Shanghai
2009 YPO Christmas Charity Auction at “M” on the Bund, Shanghai
2008 “Shattered Memory”- Solo Exhibition in Kong Gallery, Beijing
2008 “Childhood Memory”- Solo Exhibition, Hong Kong
2007 Hong Kong World Gallery Exhibition
2007 “Art Transcending-Shanghai Mania” in St. Regis Shanghai Hotel

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