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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Lydia Grey

Lydia Grey

Lydia Grey is a self-taught potter making creative, ceramic sculpture for over a decade. Her artwork is inspired by feelings, myths, stories, and dreams. Her sculptures portray imaginative, human emotion in three-dimensional pots. Lydia’s work has been featured at many juried shows in the northeast and mid-Atlantic states, including the prestigious League of New Hampshire Craftsmen Annual Craftsmen’s Fair at Mount Sunapee Resort. Her artwork is also represented at fine galleries across the country.

“Clay is an amazing medium with more possibilities of expression than any other,” says the artist. “I enjoy putting thoughts and emotions into a visible form.”

Each pot begins as a lump of porcelain clay, which is thrown on the wheel. The pot is then softened with a damp cloth so the figures can be shaped by pushing the wall of the pot in and out. Details--hands, feet, faces--are hand-built and smoothed on.

Some pieces are smoke-fired by carefully smoothing them using a four-step process. The pot is covered with layers of terra sigillata and burnished with a cloth between each layer. When this is complete, the pot is bisque-fired to 1000C.

During the final phase, the pots are surrounded with sawdust and leaves in an outdoor pit and burned for approximately 36 hours. Factors in the final pattern and color on the pot’s surface include the wind, humidity of the air, sawdust, and luck.

Other peices are finished with studio-mixed glazes fired to Cone 6.

Lydia has lived in every New England state except Rhode Island and has resided in the scenic North Quabbin region for over twenty years. Her favorite part of the area is the wonderful community of people.

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