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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Nguyen Thanh Chuong - Thanh Chuong

Nguyen Thanh Chuong  -  Thanh Chuong

January 19, 1949 Born in Nha Nam, Ha Bac, Vietnam

Began painting from the age of 7 (with his work Alubber Cock, won the gold prize in Painting Competition of International Children)

From 1960 Entered the Hanoi Fine Arts College

1966 Joined the Army, in military engineering force, participated in the battlefields of Central Part, Laos, Central Highland

1974 Worked as painter for the Thong Nhat Journal

From 1975 on Worked as main painter for Van Nghe weekly (The Weekly Journal of Art and Literature - the Writers Association of Vietnam)

Exhibitions and Awards

1973, 1976, 1980 Painting Exhibition in Hanoi

1973 The third prize of Hanoi Painting Exhibition

1974 Exhibition of Illustration for publications in Hanoi

1985 National Painting Ehxibition

1987 Hanoi Artists Group Painting Exhibition, Ho Chi Minh City

1988 Hanoi Artists Group Painting Exhibition at the Hanoi Fine Arts Museum

1994 Painting Exhibition in China
Asian Art Painting Exhibition in Hongkong
The second prize for Graphics by the Plastic Artists Association of Vietnam

1995 Solo painting Exhibition at Red River Gallery in Hanoi
Exhibition of Vietnam Contemporary Art, Royal College of Art in London, England
Exhibition of Vietnam Open in Copenhagen, Denmark
Exhibition of paintings in Yokohama, Japan

1996 Painting Exhibition in Seoul, Korea
Exhibition of Hanoi painting at the Centre of Introduction and Change for Arts in Hanoi
Ten Hanoi's Artist painting Exhibition, at Nam Son Gallery, Hanoi

1997 "A moment from Hanoi", Duc Minh Gallery, Ho Chi Minh City
"The changing face of Hanoi", Hongkong
"Vietnam Selection", Nam Son Gallery, Hanoi
Contemporary Art in Hanoi, Vietnam Osaka, Japan
Aspiration Daewoo Hotel & Nam Son Gallery, Hanoi
Thanh Chuong's painting, Vietnam Gallery, Ho Chi Minh City
Vietnamese sensibility, Hien Minh Gallery & Soobin Art Gallery, Singapore
Gold Paintbrush, Faber Foundation, Castell, Ho Chi Minh City
Nostalgia, Sofitel-Metropole & Red River Gallery, Hanoi
A new morning, The Hanoi Fine Arts College

1998 With Heart & Soul &Mind New World Arts Centre (So Ho), New York, The USA
Vision from Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City
Vietnamese Sensibility, Germany
Vision from Vietnam, Prudential's collection
Five contemporary Vietnamese Painters, Vinh Loi Art gallery, Ho Chi Minh City

1999 "A celegration of life", London, England
Exhibition of Internation, Korea
"The colors of Vietnam", New World Hotel, Vinh Loi Art gallery, Ho Chi Minh City
The 4th Vietnamese contemporary Art Exhibition, Art U Gallery , Osaka, Japan
The Exhibition of Vietnamese painting, Seoul, Korea
Two contemporary Vietnamese painters Painting Exhibition, Tatkamatsu and Kyoto, Japan
The Lacquer World of Thanh Chuong, Nam Son Gallery, Hanoi
Thanh Chuong's Lacquer painting, Art U Gallery, Osahaka, Japan

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