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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Ramel Villas

Ramel Villas

born on July 6, 1982

Ramel adores Rembrant's lighting and textures.He also wants to follow the steps of Philippine old masters,namely Felix Hidalgo and Juan Luna, "This is my quest, my path, my purpose...To take my part as an eye opener, I want to paint things which most people neglects. Many of my works are not answers,most of them are questions, and I am more interested in people's reaction..." Ramel Villas said.

To mention top emerging artists in the Philippines, The name Ramel Villas will not be left behind.
As he bagged the 3rd Prize on the 2009 Art Association of the Philippines annual Painting competition,One common question popped in the Philippine Art community,Who's Ramel Villas and how did he appear in the Philippine Art Scene?

Born on the 6th day of July 1982, Ramel grew up in a peaceful town of Antipolo,where he seen many talented artists such as Vincent Padilla, Manny Garibay, Andy Orencio, and more...
He considered himself lucky and grateful,because there are lots of time he used to see
masters on work in Dr. Joven Cuanang's place.This matter injects him lots of inspirations and self realisation that he wanted to become a visual artist. As a kid he was keen and exposed in such town's art competitions,he bagged some awards from elementary to highschool,and kept on attending weekend art workshops specially most summers.

Living in a 3rd world country can silence passion and talent.His parents never encouraged him to pursue an art career,because they believed that there are no such bright future for artists in the Philippines.Even it was pushed to a point were his father tend to throw his art materials.

Struggles never put Ramel down to abandon his will to live as an artist. At college he took up Engineering but failed to finish it because of financial difficulty.He survived doing portrait commissions to some friends and relatives.In 2003 he worked in an airbrush shop, werein he experienced doing lots of mural commissions for popular establishments and fine residences.
Year 2006, he also worked in animation company (TOEI animation) in order to support his material needs for painting.

Year 2009, he met Cj Tanedo and Ivan Roxas. Aside from sharing techniques and materials, these two artists also helped Ramel reach Tala gallery and took part of some group shows.
His first sold piece worth 50,000 pesos, entitled "when lion roars" an 18in x 24in Oil on canvas,this time it was a collaboration of Daniel Razon's photo.
And also, he participated in "Past Future Perfect" show in Tala,together with top emerging artists.
he presented stunning pieces in which he combined depth of photo-realism and the power of expression by brush strokes and bold textures.


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