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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Rob Hartshorn

Rob Hartshorn

"Time never stands still..

..........Except in a painted portrait.

Hold Still Your Moment in Time.

I believe that there is a spirit of "who we
are now" that should be captured and
remembered in a meaningful and
individual way. These seasons of life, for
children, families and persons of
achievement, all can be conveyed in
painted portraits that will last for
generations to admire. Your portrait will
leave more than a simple memory.

Expressing Individuality.

As you can see in these portrait galleries,
no two portraits are alike in look or
technique; Each timeless portrait
represents the individual spirit and
likeness of the subject. You will find that
your portrait is unique - a true
collaboration between painter and sitter.

Craft in Portrait Painting.

I employ the very finest methods and
materials which have stood the test of
time to ensure a long archival life to your
legacy brought about in my work. My
guarantee to you is that you will be
absolutely satisfied that I have captured
not only your likeness but also that
certain spirit that you wish to represent."

Rob Hartshorn

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