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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Zhi Shaoqing

Zhi Shaoqing

Zhi Shaoqing -  支少卿

Country: China
Medium: Oil on Canvas

1981 Born in Shanxi Province
2001 Studied in Taiyuan Lianyi Art Training School
2006 Graduated from the Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts, Obtained Bachelor Degree


2010 Artwork “Gorgeous Crown” was selected “Cup of Bank of Communications.The Youth
Realistic Painting Exhibition in China, Beijing

2009 Series “Journey to the West” ﹣Segment Art Exhibition, Segment Space, Beijing

2008 Series “Journey to the West”–“Eastern Imagination”Exhibition (by Wall Art Museum) in the 23rd Asian International Art Exhibition, Guangzhou

Series “Journey to the West”–“Assembling under the Five Rings” Exhibition, Beijing

Series “Journey to the West” – “Updating: exceed myself” Exhibition, Qiang Art Gallery, Beijing

2007 Series “Journey to the West” – Invitational Exhibition of Contemporary Oil Painting “Succession and Analyzing Mentally in Tianjin”, Tianjin

“Mirror Image – Fable and Lie” Exhibition, 9 Art Gallery, Beijing

2006 Series “New Hero Manual” – Opening Exhibition of Yan Gallery, Beijing

National Exhibition of Works Created by Teachers and Students of Art Academies, Tianjin

2005 Artwork “New hero manual - door god” – Tianjin Fine Arts Academy in Spring Season, Tianjin

Artwork“Composition”–Marry Canvas Exhibition, Tianjin

2004 Artworks “Talk to Me” and “My Dream”(picture works) took part in the Third “Juji”Old Painting–Growing Up of New Generation, Beijing

Artwork “Talk to Me”–“Ji” Exhibition, Tianjin

Artwork “Turn Off the Light” was selected to Tianjin Fine Arts Exhibition, Tianjin


2010 Artwork “Gorgeous Crown” was selected “Cup of Bank of Communications.The Youth Realistic Painting Exhibition in China”, acquired outstanding award and the Artwork was collected by Times Art Museum in Beijing

2005 Artwork“Composition”acquired outstanding award in Marry Canvas Exhibition, Tianjin

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