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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Anton Biedermann

Anton Biedermann

Dr. ANTON BIEDERMANN is a Painter, Sculptor, Art teacher and lecturer, Manager and Curator of the Art School and Gallery Studio Oman- Hadera, Israel, artistic project producer in Israel and abroad.

1951- Born in Romania, 1963 - Immigrated to Israel.
1979 - Graduated Academy Art "Kalisher" in Tel Aviv.
From 1981 1993 Teaches and Lectures at the Academy Art "Kalisher" in Tel Aviv.
1984 1986 Study "Scientific Society and Humanism" at Open University, Israel.
1986 1988 Study "Engineering and industrial management" in the frame program of "CUR Industries" and Tel Aviv University.
1993 - Founded a Fellowship In her takes place School and Art gallery, located in Hadera, Israel. Since then Biedermann work as a manager and teacher at the Studio -Oman -Gallery and in the role as a chief curator. In addition teaches and Lectures at the Givat Haviva Center Institute and in Institute of the municipally art in Museum, Petah Tikva, Israel. 2002 Graduated Financial Management and Culture Administration at the "BABES BOLYAI UNIVERSITY", CLUJ NAPOCA, ROMANIA. 

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