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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Arthur Sharafian or Artur Sharafian

Arthur Sharafian

Arthur Sharafian was born in Yerevan /Armenia/ in 1972.
In 1987 Yerevan State College of Fine Arts named after P.Terlemezian, department of painting
In 1989 First individual exhibition at the “House of Artists”
In 1991 Yerevan State Institute of Fine Arts, department of painting, studio of Armenian well-known painter E. Isabekian. During his studies at the Institute participated in numerous Student exhibitions organized by the Union of Painters.
In 1996 Had an Individual exhibition in Mursia (Spain) at the “Chis” gallery.
In 1999 Participation in “Theatre and Cinema” international exhibition “Moscow”.
In 2000 Individual exhibition in Mursia (Spain) at the “Chis” gallery.
In 2002 Participation in International Festival Exhibition of Young Painters in Moscow (Russia), as a member of 6 representatives from Armenia.
In 2004 Participation in Art Expo Caucasus, First International Art Expo in Georgia.
In 2005 Exhibition in Paris at “Cite de Art” center.
In 2007 Exhibition in Rome “Colors of Armenia”, organized by the Embassy of Armenia in Italy.
In 2007 group exhibition in Beirut.
Since 2005 Sharafian is working with the gallery “De’ art Modus” in Place des Vosges (Paris) and Gallery “Spolnik” (city Varenne), has a contract for permanent exposition.
Since 1999 he have been a member of the Armenian Union of Painters and UNESCO artist’s partnership.
His canvases are exhibited in Spain, USA, France, England Canada, Japan and China


Nat S said...

what an amazing fantasy world, so bright... every painting a whole story ♥♥♥

artodyssey said...

I agree Nat :)
Thanks for comment and have a nice week!


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