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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Falah Alsaedi


Falah Alsaedi

Born in Iraq- Babel 1976

Diploma in Fine Arts institute in Baghdad- Painting department (excellent degree).


Member in Iraqi Artist Union
Member in the Society of Iraqi plastic Artists.

Personal Exhibitions:

The first Solo exhibition\ The Hall of Fine Art institute- 1995.
The Second Solo exhibition\ The Hall of Fine Art institute- 1998.
The Third Solo exhibition\ Darbouna Gallery- Amman- 2006.
The Fourth Solo exhibition\ Dar Al-Anada Gallery- Amman- 2007.


Free painting festival- Baghdad- 1989.
Festival of Arabian corporation council- Baghdad- 1990.
Babylon International Festival- 2002.
Collective Exhibition- Mathaf Hall- Sulaymania-2003.
Foundational exhibition of contemporary visual society- 2003.
Iraqi Miniatures exhibition- Hiwar Gallery- Baghdad.
Salute to Baghdad- Hiwar Gallery- 2003.
Annual Exhibition- Hiwar Gallery- 2004.
The first exhibition of the members of Iraqi Art Encyclopedia- Wastity- 2006.
Participations in the most exhibitions of Ministry of Culture.
Participant in the affaires of Woman in Freedom and equalization- 2006.

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