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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Givi Siproshvili

Givi Siproshvili - Givi Siproshvili - Гиви Сипрошвили

Siproshvili Givi Irakliyevich is a professional artist, painter, graphic artist, sculptor. The member of the Union of artists of USSR and Georgia. The member of the International Federation of artists (UNESCO)
The artist graduated from Tbilisi Academy of Arts by specialty of painting.
The artist’s painting is notable for originality, uniqueness, individuality and diversity of styles.
The painter was born in Georgia in 1940.
In 1964, he entered graphic arts department of Tbilisi Academy of Arts. A year later he moved to the painting department.
His teachers in the Academy of Arts were prominent artists such as Kornelli Sanadze, Koki Maharadze, Lapiashvilli, Ucha Japaridze.
Being a student in the Academy, he took part in many All-Union artistic exhibitions. The first exhibition of the young artist was in 1964, when there were several watercolor works shown. In 1965, he was the only young artist-student who presented five graphic works of art in Tbilisi professional artists’ exhibition.
In 1971, he graduated from Tbilisi Academy of Arts by specialty of painting.
Since 1974, he became the member of the Union of artists of USSR and Georgia.
Since 2000, he was the member of the International Federation of artists (UNESCO).

After graduating from the Academy of Arts he participated both in numerous republic exhibitions and All-Union exhibitions. The artist has participated in numerous group, personal exhibitions and exhibitions of all-Union scale.
He was a winner in many competitions of different subject matters among the artists of Georgia and the former Soviet Union, where his works were taken to the fund of the Union of Soviet artists. In 1975, Givi Irakliyevich took part in Tbilisi competition with the topic ‘Creative people’, where he presented the composition ‘The portrait of the artist’ with the portrait of his friend, artist Edward Gukasov. This work was declared to be the best in this competition.
He participated in the exhibitions in Tbilisi in honor of the anniversaries of ending of the Great Patriotic war and in other numerous exhibitions.
For about 15 years he had neither presented his works nor taken part in exhibitions, because the collections of works which the artist was preparing for his 50th and 60th jubilee personal exhibitions, the pictures he had been creating for 10-15 years were stolen.

The latest exhibitions:
2002 – the exhibition in the White Gallery in Tbilisi
2005 – the exhibition in the Gallery of Arts in Tbilisi
2006 – the exhibition in the Gallery of Arts in Tbilisi
2008 – the second International Festival of Arts ‘Traditions and the present’ in Moscow
2008 – The International exhibition «Theme of death in modern art», Moscow
2008 - The salon of art, CHA 2008, Moscow
2009 - The salon of art, CHA 2009, Moscow
2009 - Festival Russian Art and Cinema "MAESTRO", Itali, Forte-de-Marmi
2010 - The salon of art, CHA 2010, Moscow
2010 - International Art Festival "Art Week, dedicated to the jubilee year Russia-France, Manege Cadet Corps, St. Petersburg.
2010 - International Salon "Art in the capital", the Grand Palais, Paris, France.
2012 - International Salon "Art in the capital", the Grand Palais, Paris, France.

Besides he took part in artistic exhibitions of other countries such as Germany, the USA, Poland, Czechia etc.
His works are notable for the diversity of genres and styles, such as painting, graphic art, portrait, landscape, still life, symbolic compositions. His creative trends are modern, abstractionism, impressionism, expressionism.
In his works he uses various painting techniques worked out on his own, different material and technologies of laying several paint coats.
The artist’s numerous works are in the private collections and museums in Russia, in the former Soviet republics, in the USA, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Germany, France and others.
The subject matter of his works was mostly influenced by ancient culture and history of Georgia. In his creative work he expresses his world view and life stand.

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