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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Lisa Lee

Lisa Lee

Artist Statement

I am extremely attracted to sculpture that is narrative. The potential it has to effectively convey a wide range of thoughts, ideas and emotions is central to my process. The quality of narrative that my work evokes are a kind of three-dimensional journal suggesting a bit of “tongue in cheek”.

Some common themes include the romantic notion of parenthood, and the process of letting go, as well as exploring seemingly ordinary day-to-day life experiences and routines. While the narratives may be based upon personal, subjective points of view, they are intended to be universal.

Lisa Lee, a resident of Pleasant Hill, California has been involved with ceramic sculpture since 1996. Her early involvement began at the Mendocino Art Center, where she studied under artists Beverly Mayeri, Richard White, Margaret Keelen, and Ted O'Kell. Lee also studied under, Lisa Clague, David King, Mark Messenger and Bob Hogson, just to name a few. She herself has taught ceramic techniques and processes through community programs.

Lee's work can be characterized as a whimsical play on associations drawn from pop culture and mythology. Her work exudes playfulness while drawing from imagery of our perennial and collective deep. Overall the work projects a sense of whimsy tossed with a bit of tongue-in-cheek humor.

Lee actively exhibits her freestanding and wall mounted ceramic sculpture nationally. Her pieces are included in many private collections.

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