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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Osama Jahjah

Osama Jahjah

born in Syria in 1972, is one of the young artists whose works took a thoroughly new and different path from the classical painting. His works are based on collage and a mix of prints, oil, acrylic and other materials in the same painting. His goal was to fill the gap between the classical painting and the modern digital age and to introduce himself as an innovative artist, always trying to improve himself. The feminine symbolism is always represented in his works, expressing the Beauty of the Woman for being a female, in spite of the appearance of beauty for she always will be a female. Here he proves a great deal of intelligence in dealing with the female figure, representing her in amazing templates. He participated in many exhibitions inside and outside of Syria, the last one was in Cairo in 2010. His works are sold in Syria, Lebanon, Canada, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia

- Né en 1972 à (Syrie)
- S’est orienté vers le “Graphic Design”, domaine auquel il s’est attaché
- S’est forgé un style nouveau combinant art plastique et art digital

- Ses expositions :
Expositions individuelles et collectives en 1993 – 1995 – 2007
Exposition individuelle “Dream” en 2008 – Art Café à Damas
Exposition individuelle “Collages Damascènes” en 2009 – Art Café à Damas
Exposition individuelle “Visions” en 2009 – Galerie Ninar Art – Vieux Damas
Exposition individuelle “Mosaïque” en 2010 – Galerie Al Kalimeh – Sayet el Sawi – Le Caire
Exposition collective “Trésors Egyptiens” – Galerie Bayt el Chaer – Le Caire
Exposition collective “Ramadaniyat 2010” – Sayet el Sawi – Le Caire

Ses œuvres ont été acquises par des individuels en Syrie – Emirats Arabes Unis - Egypte - Arabie Saoudite - Etats-Unis - Canada

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