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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides



Rabab Nemr is a remarkable artist; she emanates prestige, exudes an unmistakable aura and ranks high in Egypt’s contemporary artistic movement. She rightfully attained this status thanks to the accumulation of her successive production. Despite the nature of techniques which demand unlimited sacrifice in terms of time and energy…. the artist was content throughout her long career to restrict her activity to certain intimate elements that glow in the human face, varieties of fish, birds or even nature morte. With time and experience, she added conventional features to these elements and adorned them with metaphysical attire. In this she excels. Colour in the works of Rabab Nemr is contained, even marginalized, with shades of white or black always in dominance.
Such matters are particular to our artist and independent of the significance of her work. Rabab Nemr, persistent but serene, constantly exercised her artistic activity although it would have been easier for her to continue her mission by adhering to her proven material and familiar style. Nonetheless in her current exhibition in Zamalek Art Gallery, we find that she breaks her well-established molds and shatters many a norm previously imposed on her canvas and architectural methodology. In this exhibition, we witness the rebirth of Rabab Nemr…a rebirth that welcomes life….a rebirth that allows her to greet new forms types of humankind with radiant optimism...Here she deals with people’s emotions and feelings, lighting up their faces with tolerance and affection….In these works, she opens new doors on life, colorfully displaying its beautiful aspects in her paintings…I feel proud to stand before an artist who seeks new horizons, reinforces optimism and embarks on new human experiences.

Farghali Abdel Hafiz

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