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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Reem Yassouf

* Syrian Artist
* Date and place of birth: Damascus, 20/04/1979
* I graduated from Damascus University (Faculty of Fine Arts) in the jurisdiction of painting: 2000
* Member of Syndicate of Fine Arts
Drawing and painting:
Spring Exhibition of Art - House System - sponsored by Shell Oil - Syria 2002
gallery artists around the world - Syria 2002 - 2003
Silk Road Festival - Syria 2002-2003
Youth Exhibition - Syria 2002
Exhibition in gallery Arab world - Syria 2003
Sombooziom Art Ehden - Lebanon 2003 - 2004
Festival Beauty World Meridian Hotel - Syria 2004
Fair visions Women Khan Asaad Pasha archaeological sponsored the American cultural center in Syria 2005
oak festival of poetry and art in Syria 2009
post workshop form a Cement 2008 work n art -Damascus
post workshop form a Cement 2009 work n art –Palmyra
post interstitial cement sculpture workshop 2010
French Cultural Center in Damascus
Al Sendyan festival of poetry and art in Syria 2010

Reem Yassouf

Awards and Recognition:
Medal of appreciation from the Exhibition the Arab and world, Syria .2002
certificate of appreciation from the Silk Road Festival 2002 - 2003 Syria
Medal of appreciation from the world of beauty Festival 2004
Sombooziom Award of Merit from 2003 to Lebanon
award of appreciation from the Oak Festival Syria 2009
PhD fellowship certificate from the center of the 2010 World Creativity
certificate of honor for the plastic arts and design jewelry from the 2010 World Innovation Centre
certificate of appreciation from the European Commission for the rights of refugees 2011.

The field of jewelry design
Since 2000, began the practice of design gold jewelry in Syria 2003, specialized design, diamonds and precious stones in Syria and Turkey with Turkish companies and gain experience in the design of gold and technologies , the UAE and Dubai in particular with Indian companies and Arab companies and other companies Global .

* The establishment of special designs for social and artistic personalities of the women and for some embassies.
* Co-creativity of free competition to design the jewelry contest Arabia powers the world.

Sponsored by: World Gold Council:

• award-winning and honorable mention under the auspices of the World Gold Council and the LAZURDE company .
Selected for the last group of the 30 designs in the Middle East between 7000 design from the Arab world in 2004
• Award-winning second place and a certificate of the designs in the Middle East between 8000 design from the Arab world in 2006 by the World Gold Council and the LAZURDE company

• Award-winning second place and a certificate of 10,000 Arab and foreign rider competition powers the global Arabia under the auspices of the World Gold Council and the Hummer group company , and Engel Gold World
And choose another design was implemented between the final thirty candidates in 2008 and also holds a certificate of honor and appreciation.
• working design jewelry since 2000 for various for different companies in Syria and abroad.

Syrian Arab channel in several programs.
channel Al Mehwar
Future TV
Lebanon TV
*anb TV

• The private studio since 2000 until now the field:
* Art
* Jewellery Design

Works of art are different:
Eastern design motifs on the glass to an Iranian company in 1998, Syria
sculptural work of the natural size of a falcon to Abu Dhabi TV in 2001
sculptural work of a small interface to the kisan door of the church in Syria presented to Pope Benedict XVI on his visit to Syria in 2001
interior design and furnishings- theater .
design and implementation of the murals.
Stereo board for a video clip for an Arabic songs in 2005
design, advertising and book covers.
experience with the students of the Institute (Alesmod) of French fashion and accessory design through drawing and technical, color, and supervise the implementation work of art and output since 2001 in my private studio .
experience in communication and delivery of art and the idea with the implementation of children through teaching workshops since 2000 to date in several centers in the private studio sector.
special project is a place for workshops with the children for a year Year 2005 - 2006 to provide artistic culture of respect and imagination of the child and applied in practice, by the end of the workshop held a special exhibition hall for outstanding work - Mustafa Ali - the art exhibition.
organizing a workshop for the Alsendyan festival- art exhibition 2010.
organizing a workshop project fingers of color among the artists and children, orphans from various orphanages and invite all artists and as a result of the workshop, an exhibition and auction of works of art Khan Asaad Pasha, and proceeds going directly to the children of 2011.
technical supervision Fashion Design Contest features designers from all over the world and participating member of the Committee under the auspices of the Global Innovation Centre and the French Embassy 2011
* workshops with displaced children under the auspices of the Red Crescent 2012 - I was volunteer with Red Crescent since 2000 until 2002.

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