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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Rina Sutzkever

Rina Sutzkever

On one of his visits to Israel, Marc Chagal said to Rina Sutzkever, "... your father painted in words, and you write in colors..."
In her recent artworks, Rina Sutzkever combines fantasy, imagination and the luster of reflection. Worldly objects intervene and penetrate one another, simultaneously dispersing and vanishing in the universe like a dream, Sutzkever's dream.
Sutzkever stands out among contemporary artists as steadfast rock against which changing artistic trends break and disappear.
Since she started her artistic career, she has remained faithful to her classical style and to her lyrical compositions. The women in her portraits are beautiful and romantic, and their delicate smile symbolizes an aspiration to the indefinable. Her flowers and trees are painted expressively in the style of Pissaro.
Her first steps as a professional artist may be traced back to her work with the painter Nahum Gilboa. She continued working with painter Moshe Rozenthalis in his studio, where she developed a realistic style faithful to Nature. She went on to study sketching and participated in several more solo and group exhibitions.
Sutzkever continued to perfect her style in the Tempera-Oil mixed technique at the 'Earnest Fox School' in Vienna. She then had her first international breakthrough with a solo exhibition in New York.
Sutzkever was born in Moscow in 1945, in a home filled with the love of art and culture. Her father - the poet Abraham Sutzkever - was always surrounded with friends who were painters or sculptors, and Marc Chagal - a close friend - illustrated several of his works.
The Sutzkevers immigrated to Israel in 1948, where some years later Abraham won the 'Israel Award' in literature.
Many well-known artists, such as Mordechai Ardon, as well as prominent figures such as Mr. Shimon Peres, Israel's former Prime Minister admire her paintings.

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