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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Suhair Sibai


Displacement, Alienation and Modification of the "self" and "identity" are the apogees to Suhair Sibai's work.

Suhair Sibai was educated as an artist in the sprawling metropolis of Los Angeles, where she experienced first hand the Uniqueness and Discord of multiculturalism mingled with the Hollywood world imagined.

According to Sibai:
"‘Ideas and ideals are mixed and morphed; metaphors are understood and misunderstood according to context and audience; cultures cross and clash. All the while, the authentic Self – if there is one – is via distortion, alteration, and compromise, made and unmade, struggling to transcend limitations and cultural barriers’".

Born in Aleppo-Syria in 1956, Suhair Sibai lives and work as a full-time artist in United States of America. Selected solo and group exhibitions include Lahd Gallery, London-U.K (2013); Medina Gallery, Tangier-Morocco (2013); Foundation De La Mosquee Hassa II, Casablanca-Morocco (2013); Qatara Gallery, Doha-Qatar (2012); Public Art Center, Damascus-Syria (2010); Syrian Cultural Center, Paris-France (2009-2006); Khan As'ad Pasha Gallery, Damascus-Syria (2004); AlSayyed Gallery, Damascus-Syria (2004); West Gallery, Los Angeles-California (2006-2004-2001); Lancaster Museum, Los Angeles-California (2000).

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