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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Thomas John Carlson

Thomas John Carlson

born Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 1981My studio is based in New York City, I live in Jersey City.I have 2 statements about my work that Ive posted below.The Construction Series (artist's statement 1)I have a fascination with the work ethic that is involved in construction, having grown up is a blue-collar family work ethic has always been an important aspect of my life. I feel that if it is evident that a painting has endured a high degree of work then it gains a strength and resolve.The act of painting a painting is an activity that parallels construction of buildings and roads. Organizing raw materials and applying them to create something thats functional. This series of paintings function is to equip the viewer with the role of developer; the people in the paintings function to facilitate the space and to be markers of progress and change. As role of the developer the ambiguities of the paintings generates a series of choices as to what the painting is about and to what the workers are building, all the while resting on the foundation of hard work and rendering.The Memoir Series ( Artist's Statement 2)These paintings are a type of visual memoir in which I document moments in my life personally significant to me. Similar to pages of a journal, these paintings record my reflections on certain events and my relationships with people I know. I habitually photograph everyday events with hundreds of disposable images. While rapidly cycling through them, I look for elements of true sincerity. My final image is composed of elements from various sources, and through paint gains value over the initial disposable imagery. If a viewer believes that an image is not contrived, they are better able to sympathize with its subject matter. These paintings are honest reflections of myself ever changing, sometimes very literal, sometimes emblematic, and always open to interpretation

M.F.A. New York Academy of Art
B.F.A. Ringling School of Art and Design

New York Academy Research Fellowship
Posey Foundation full scholarship
Scholarship awards New York Academy of Art
Trustee scholar, Ringling School of Art and DesignHighest award offered in the program
SKB Foundation grant, Workshop in Dubois, Wyoming,


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