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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Carol Holtzman Fregoso

Carol Holtzman Fregoso

"Carol Holtzman Fregoso works primarily with the human figure, using her sculptures in order to represent a variety of raw emotions. Using materials such as porcelain, cast bronze, concrete and stoneware she sculpts depictions of the everyday man and everyday woman. "


“Securely Adrift,” a series of six stoneware and acrylic pieces by Carol Holzman Fregoso, is accompanied by this description:
“My mother, after deciding not to remember much anymore, carried her purse around everywhere she went. It represented her security. Holding only Kleenex within, she held it tight to her chest.
“This boat series represents to me the deep knowledge that we are safe in any situation. Without oars on the sea of life, we look for something to cling to. The purse represents the illusion of safety. However, the real security comes from within.”


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Judy C said...

They are fabulous. Moving.


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