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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Etta Winigrad - Etta Zuritsky Winigrad

Etta Winigrad - Etta Zuritsky Winigrad

From the very beginning, my ceramic sculpture has been a continuing exploration and attempt to illustrate ideas and concerns of the human condition, both whimsical and serious." - Etta Winigrad

Etta Winigrad is a nationally-renowned sculptor working in clay and mixed media. Ms. Winigrad's ceramic sculpture combines realistic and fantastical elements, animal-like figures and humor to create an artistic space ripe for interpretation through the unique lens of each viewer.

Etta Winigrad exhibits her ceramic sculpture at numerous galleries across the country. Ms. Winigrad has commissioned work at the National Liberty Museum in Philadelphia, among others. Several publications have featured Etta Winigrad's award-winning ceramic sculpture.

Winigrad received her Bachelor of Applied Arts from the University of Pennsylvania. She has continued her education at Moore College, Philadelphia Museum of Art, and various workshops. Winigrad's ceramic sculpture is influenced by primitive forms and surrealism, and is used to explore universal ideas and concerns of the human condition.

Winigrad has won awards from: the Art Association of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts, State College, Pennsylvania; Main Line Art Center, Pennsylvania; Abington Art Center, Jenkintown, Pennsylvania; and Pavilion Gallery, Memorial Hospital, Mt. Holly, New Jersey.

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