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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Judi Smith

Judi Smith

"I'm Judi Smith. A self taught clay artist with an insatiable desire to learn, share and experiment along a clay art journey.

It started 20 years when a friend offered me a handful of clay and told me to go away and make something. Faces and figures were the first interest. Distractions of other forms came and went but I have returned to the beginning with the addition of the joojoo range.

For intense firing excitement, I love to raku.
For sculptural work I use an electric kiln.

You're invited to view Cup Cakes and Chocolate to learn a bit about me and Fired Up to learn about what inspires me about clay, and some stories and images from exhibitions and conferences I have been involved with.
The Clay Art Gallery of past and present clay artworks is under construction, but in this section you can see what I am currently working on, and some of the inspirations behind them.
Also check out the Clayzee Magazine, a place where I can share some of the interesting bits and bobs from the world of clay.

“What I am is but a collection of where I have been and what I have experienced.

What I am now is not what I was then. I am recreating me in the moment as you are too – collecting experiences that will reflect who ‘I am’ tomorrow.”"

Judi Smith

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