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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Martin Poole

Martin Poole

Martin Poole loves the naturally peaceful, open world, usually filled with light and emptied of people. He also loves the stories of people, himself included, who are struggling with their lives—a slightly darker vision. “The tough part seems to be figuring out how to develop and use our skills without obscuring our genuine response.” Martin’s response is divided. Central to his love of painting is his conviction that the commonplace really is very moving. “Everything around us has its own life,” he says. “Our world is full of lives; some are bold, most are not, but everything has its own history, its own secrets, and its own beauty. I am trying to quiet down and pay attention to that, and then paint.”

“Poole’s several portraits of women are especially fine; they’re straightforward likenesses that imply a steely inner dimension. Only once does he opt for an expansive view, in a river scene. His eye is more attuned to the nooks and crannies of life than to the sweepings vistas.”
- Edward J. Sozanski, Inquier art critic

Notable Awards & Honors:
Ted Van Brunt Award, Arnot Art Museum Regional Exhibition, 1987
Corning Community College – official portrait painter of President, Dr. Donald Hangen
Princeton Day School – official portrait of Headmaster, Dr. Duncan Alling

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