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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Olaf Stoy

Olaf Stoy

- Born in 1959 in a mountainous region of Saxony, Germany- From 1978 2003 employed by the Schsische Porzellan-Manufaktur Dresden, working as a setter, retoucher and chief-modeller- 1979 1981: Studies of Graphic and Sculpturing Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Dresden- Writing of poetry and prose since the early 1980s- Member of the Independent Writers Association Dresden, the Club for Porcelaine-Arts Dresden and the German Society for the Art of medal-making- Publishing of prose and poetry in books and magazines- From the mid-1990s on freelance-work as a porcelain-sculptor- Several personal exhibitions plus participation in exhibitions in Germany and abroad- 2005: Founding of my own Studio for Arts and Figuration -2010: Great Prize, 6th Biennial für of Contemporary Medal, Seixal/Portugal - I learned my trade from scratch an important precondition if you want to leave your own handwriting on the complicated material porcelain. As a sculptor I am first of all interested in the sculpture - in all its different forms. For the lengthy process from the first blueprint in clay, the making of a plaster mould up to the reproduction in the hollow-casting-technique one needs time and patience. During the creation you can repeatedly intervene and carry out unique changes. After the drying-process the piece of art is subject to several firings, where it receives its final form.I get the inspiration for all my works from the studies of philosophical articles, Greek mythology, the Old Testament or fairy-tales from Grimm, Hauff or Andersen. In the following creative process I try to implement my ideas of design and aesthetics as precisely as possible. In my recently opened studio I am constantly searching for new production-techniques to go along with the traditional ones. I am combining this fine material porcelain with other, rather unorthodox materials like terracotta, metal, paper or concrete. My aim is to sensitize my audience to show, that art is a necessity of life.


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