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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Jong Seok Yoon

Jong Seok Yoon

Clothes are the place at which the vanity of humans who seek to distinguish oneself from others remain as well as where the desire of affirming one's own unique value intervenes.

Jong Suk Yoon’s dialogue with clothes is his way of expressing the problems of our society.
- shapes associated with them, the colors and patterns printed on them, the things he sees by listening to them, drawing out another existence hidden inside.

In a sculpting like manner he reproduces his forms with meticulous dots - using a syringe (a simple unit of minimal expression), like counting each strand of fabric, he 'weaves' the clothes with painted dots - playing between dot and shape. The clothes that were considered dead reincarnate upon being granted with new life.

The protruding dots create and show tactile embossed sculpture as they spread throughout the screen like a rash. It arouses the allurement of wanting to feel with hands. At the same time, these dots turn the image into abstract form.

A beast symbolizes instinct and desire. The clothes with brilliant flower patterns transform into the head of dog, lion, pig or sheep. The 'beast-like' desire hidden in the clothes rears its head. It barks. The uniform of soccer players also takes in the form of handgun. It is like the image association of from offense, shooting and charge towards the goal. The clothes/images he painted/printed tend to be aimed and shot at us or bark at us. They form aggressively inflated and chilling suspense. These soft clothes that are lifeless are aiming toward me.

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