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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Kylo Chua

Kylo Yu Chua

Kylo Chua masterfully creates renditions of contemporary hybridity through many of his acclaimed sculptures. A modern artist at heart, Chua has grown his love for sculpture into a movement of the mind, encapsulating beauty and passion into his own abstract pieces. While rediscovering the timeless technique of hand-cast marbling, he furnishes his picturesque style of lacing contours into a blend of intricate compositioning that stirs the minds of patrons and onlookers alike.

-The Artasia Gallery Press

The appeal of the form for Kylo lies in paradox, in the notion that hard, static material can accentuate fluidity. The lesser need for approximation, he believes, allows for a more creative sense of individualism. Or, as he told scholar and professor Oscar Campomanes in an interview for the Philippine Daily Inquirer, “I believe that man is most beautiful when he is lost. It is only when life takes us into its own imagination that we eventually know more about ourselves. So in truth, the vague obscurity of abstractions like mine are relevant in showing how man awakens to know his own name in his journey of uncertainty.”

-Professor Martin Villanueva,
The Ateneo de Manila University Press 2009

He dreams the world into a pose or attitude, motionless for all eternity to behold. Tonight, the Dalisayan hands out its first ever awards for sculpture, and the honor and all of the shining memories belong to Eusebio Ehron Kylo Chua.

Ms. Yael Buencamino,
Loyola Schools Awards for the Arts 2010

A sensual style is born, weaving a labryinth of seemless curves to reenact the boldest of human conditions. See how one interprets what it means to be moved by a change of emotion. Feel the surface of a calming curiosity that has been drawn from the mind, out into open reality.

Serendipity Exhibition 2007

"If you seek to discover the attraction of true abstract sculpture, every thought must be rendered through a visual dialect so often softspoken, but never mute: the language of imagination. As in the case of mental interpretation, this faculty of thinking presides over the subjective domain and can cease the biases of logic, reason and judgement."

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