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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Lim Young Sun

Lim Young Sun

Born in 1968, Korea

1996 M.F.A, Central Institute of Fine arts, Beijing, China
1991 B.F.A, Hong-Ik University, Seoul, Korea

Selected Solo Exhibitions
2009 ARARIO Gallery , Seoul, Korea
2006 Yongdusan Gallery ,Busan,Korea
2004 Whale Museum,Korea
2003 Gallery La Mer, Seoul, Korea
Yeulin Gallery, Busan, Korea
2002 Democracy Park Gallery, Busan, Korea
1995 Contemporary Museum, Beijing, China

Lim Young Sun presents the Tibetan children’s innocent and healthy face to us as a gift. Her works are not merely narrative documentaries on Tibetan lives and customs but an aspiration to remind us of our original face and mind that we had in the beginning, but lost while on the track of contemporary life. These works are the product of artist’s confession after experiencing the innocent face that we originally had. And without letting the children be aware of the fact that the artist is introducing a space for dreams, she quietly supports them to bring out their beautiful daily lives as it is. Dream and reality are not one’s choice. Hope is not in a place out of reality, but it is in present. For someone’s space of dreams and yearning is a space of survival and reality for someone else. However, these two different spaces intermix and absorb with each other, letting another new place of hope to appear between dream and reality.

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