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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Lisa krannichfeld

Lisa Krannichfeld

"I was born and raised in Little Rock, Arkansas, growing up in an interesting mix of Southern and Chinese cultures. The need to create has always been with me, although I didn’t take formal drawing classes until I attended high school. I attended Colorado College in Colorado Springs, Colorado receiving a B.A. in Studio Art then later attended the University of Arkansas at Little Rock receiving a M.ed. in Secondary Education. Primarily focusing on the figure as a subject matter I find materials and processes to be the motivation for my work. Whether I use traditional art materials in nontraditional ways or nontraditional materials as art mediums I thrive on the fact that the finished product is unknown to me until the very end."

Lisa Krannichfeld

Artist Statement

"My figurative work demands a delicate balance of grace and fervor, and is about process rather than product. The pieces are painted by drizzling paint from a spoon, giving the illusion of figures in flux. Influenced by both ancient Chinese Calligraphy painting and the figurative works of the Expressionists my figures focus on emotion and movement rather than portraiture. They are more of a mirror reflecting back on the moments of creation than a static and opaque canvas dressed in the colors of finality."

Lisa Krannichfeld

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