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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Аlla Sviridenko

Аlla Sviridenko

Аlla Sviridenko is an artist, designer, and professor, working in techniques of batik and silk painting. The main directions of her creative work are fine art, interior and fashion design. Alla was born in 1058 in Belarus. She received education as architect, artist and teacher of arts. Alla graduated with high grades from the architect’s department of the Mogilev Construction College. She was student of the architect department of the Minsk Polytechnical Institute. Later she continued her studies in the Paedagogics College in Vitebsk graduating with a diploma of its Arts and Graphics department. Alla has around 30 years professional experience of teaching in an arts school and an arts college. Since 1996 she is member of the Belarus Artists’ Union and since 2001 – of the Belarus Designers’ Union – organizations uniting established professional in the country.She has become member of various international artists‘ unions in the USA, Great Britain, Germany and France. Alla takes part in numerous national and international exhibitions (Poland, Russia, Lithuania, Germany, USA, France, England, Belgium and Switzerland). In 2003 in Minsk, Belarus she founds the international artists union called “Batik Club”. Alla works in the techniques of batik, silk painting and shibori. Her favourite themes in work are flowers, herbs, female image and landscape. Batik for Alla is not just a textile craft, or a direction in decorative arts, but a philosophy, her world outlook. She actually is looking through the multi-coloured batik filter she is creating onto multiple phenomena of life and human relations. And this often makes the life objects more attractive… And her life and professional path, as she calls it – „a silk way“.

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