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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Norbert Gladis

Norbert Gladis

"Born in Wittenberg (town of Martin Luther) on the first of November 1956. Already at his schooltime he discovered painting as an important of communication with life. He finished his professional training as decorateur also writer and graficpainter. His final examination he passed in evening classes. During his learning years he looked for ways to find his indentity. His wish for identity hasn't always been agree with the interest of society, which led to difficulties in the socialistic state. 1986 he got his diploma in writing and graphic workmanship and also started to create wood and jewellery design. Most of the paintings have to be seen since 1986 in the region of Thuringia, Germany. His works show the truth/reality of time vision- nightmares and life experience in a surrealistic way. These are pictures which do not always fit into a normal frame- you can't comprehend them completely. In every mood you discover something new. The viewer can judge for himself."

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