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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Pita Vreugdenhil

Pita Vreugdenhil

"Pita Vreugdenhil was born in 1945 in The Hague. Since 1975 she has lived and worked in Emst (Municipality of Epe).

Initially she practiced various art forms. She took several courses in which she explored the technical possibilities of various artistic mediums. After finishing training in Expressive Creativity, Pita focused on painting and etching. Since 1980 she has devoted all of her energy to the technique of oil painting. She has applied all the knowledge she gained into her still lifes and developed herself into a realistic painter.

Her work shows a clear preference for still life paintings, executed in oil on canvas or panel. The realistic still lifes stand out thanks to the extreme precision with which objects are painted. In a subtle play of light and shadow, form and color, she lets reality pass and turns it into a visible silence.

By constantly aiming to elevate the accuracy of the object depiction above the precise observation, she shows her perception of reality. Expression of textures, detail and subtle play of light and shadow, form and color are characteristics of her work. Following traditional methods, her paintings are constructed from thin layers of paint.

Despite the fact that she usually paints on multiple canvases simultaneously her production is limited.

Her work, which has received national and international recognition, is held by individuals, businesses and municipalities both nationally and internationally.

Besides her own work, she works on commission, if desired using objects provided by the client as a subject."


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