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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Silvius Krecu

Silvius Krecu

"The images of places and people seen through the distance of time and separated by space becomes the stage and character of my art. The separation, I think is essential for my artistic development. It allows the things that mean the most to me to grow stronger and the rest to fade in the vastness of the memory.
The subject that repeats itself over and over in my art is a green mountain that I could see from the backyard of my childhood house in Yugoslavia. It was a place that held a lot of magic, beauty, and history for me and from it's very stone, I mad my first sculptures. Its green essence, its gentle curves, and the reddish accent of its rocks, create and abstract tapestry in my memory."

Silvius Krecu is a figurative painter. He was born in Yugoslavia, and has cultivated his deep connection with European art throughout his career. After his degree from the American Academy of Art in 1985, he moved to Madrid to study the old masters first hand. There, Silvius refined his aesthetic judgment, scrutinizing with particular intensity the Seventeenth Century Spanish School. In 1987 he moved to Paris to work in the Muse d’Orsey. In Paris he developed his enduring attachment to the works of the French Impressionists. In 1989 his attention turned to Germany where he lived and worked until 1991. Throughout his stay in Europe, he supported himself though sales of his own work as well as copies made in the museums. He also gave private lessons in oil painting and drawing.

After his extensive study of European art, Silvius settled in Florida where he has remained. Silvius has participated in numerous one man and group shows. Representation includes the Peterskirhe Gallery in Germany; Bennett Gallery in Knoxville, Tennessee; Carone and Freitas Revilla Galleries in Florida; and the Bachelier-Cardansky Gallery in Connecticut.


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