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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Wayne French

Wayne French

"All my life has been spent in and around the coastline of NSW Australia, I have been painting on and off since childhood and professionally for 5 years, as an artist I feel there is so much more to learn and love the journey of learning new techniques in creating my works. It comes very natural for me to want to express the energy, moods of the ocean, clouds and wave movement via the brush. I am intrigued in the colours, shades and transparency that constantly changes in the ocean, and as a keen surfer these can be up close and very personable. The whole experience of capturing the power or serenity of this enviroment poses different challenges as does the expression through surrealism, impressionism or traditional approaches. There is just so much going on above and below the ocean and I guess as an artist for me the challenge is to express this creation as I see and feel it, I hope you enjoy my expressions ".

Wayne French

"Wayne has exhibited in New Caledonia, worked and painted in Sweden, participates in group and solo exhibitions and has sold work through various galleries, his work was selected and published in 'Worlds best landscape artists book" as well as featured in numerous press and magazine publications. In 2010 Wayne was inducted into "The Ocean Artists Society" USA. He donates work to various organizations to raise money to protect marine life. And is available for private tuition.
Wayne is co owner of the Greenroom gallery which serves as his showroom / and sustainable clothing boutique in Coffs Harbour NSW, his work is in private collection nationally and internationally."

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Truedessa said...

Thank you for visiting my blog as that opened the door to your beautiful artwork. This was such a treat as your work spoke to my heart. If you wouldn't mind I'd like to write a poem about one of them. Amazing work!


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